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a little poll...

Poll #16584 Who just got a paid account?

Who just got a paid account?

Me, of course!
You, silly!
Uhm...me, but that was a while ago...
That dude...over there...?

I am in love with raineybabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just got me a paid account for 2 months!!!! EEEEEEEEEEKS!!!!! This is so exciting. Now I must find more user icon picture thinggies!!

*runs around* I HAVE A PAID ACCOUNT!!!

Gary rawks.


I am in love with Gary. I really am!

Heck yea!!!!

What Flavour Are You? I tashte like Alcohol.I tashte like Alcohol.

Heh. Heh. I taste like beer. I like beer. Buy me a beer. I'm not drunk, I can drink plenty without... What was I saying? Beer. What Flavour Are You?


stolen from sugarplumkitty

Sagittarius - Most quality of life issues have been settled by now What? I still have a lot of issues!. The stars have placed you in a privileged class nothing has been getting better, just worse, how privileged is that?. If this bothers you, open the storehouse and distribute your bounty among those less fortunate. If I had money...I would

Gah. My Winnie The Pooh Daily calendar says "Rise above it all" and has Roo floating up with a balloon wrapped around him. How cute! And that seems to fit me a lot better than my horoscope today. One of them has to be right each day.

Weird dream....

I had this funky dream, where there was a party for my parents in the band hall and all of my old friends were there because my parents are still friends with them. Also, we would go between our house and the school...in my backyard there were about 10 puppies. 2 that looked like tigers and like 6 blacklabs. Then our two dogs. Then my friend asked her parents if we could keep one of the puppies and her parents said "no". Waaaaaaaah.

anyone know how to tell me what the HECK that meant?!

sooooooooore so sore

I dont know what's wrong with me. My neck hurts like a mofo, and my back is in its worst condition ever. Not like I've always had the greatest or most supportive back...

Today in english we got to talking (we do that a lot) about goths and Marilyn Manson. The thought of IT just scared me so I just shook and moved my head really fast, I think that's what screwed up my neck. My back, well, I'm not too sure why it hurts like a mofo. I need to get to a Chiopractor. Blah, isn't that normally for old people?? Grrrrrrrrr....maybe a massage (from Tres?) would help?? I'll beg Josh tomorrow during advisory. He's good at neck massages.

I'm one happy Kimmy!!

WOOO HOOO!!!! Today at the store, I was looking at the "Brides" magazine. Well....I found the PERFECT dress. I mean, it's SO awesome. *giggle* They BETTER let me get that dress...I mean they HAVE TO!!!!

Linkie!!!! http://www.jasminebridal.com/hautecouture/images/h0237-bb.jpg
I'm Tay's Crotch!

I'd rather not...*throws up*

I went shopping with the mother. That was fun...not. She wouldn't let me get ANY food that I wanted telling me I was going to get fatter than I already am. Thanks mom.